About us

Hi, my name is Tara and I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician based in Mesa, Arizona. Graduated Cosmetology School in 2010 and South West Institute of Healing Arts in 2015.
I specialize in providing Chronic Pain Relief, while also providing Organic Skin Care/Body Treatments. Creating a relaxing Spa like environment, for those who need improvement with a Therapeutic Massage or warm Body Mud Wrap for a whole body and mind relaxation.   
What makes me different? 

Hot Stones are incorporated in all massage sessions, free of charge!
It’s Quiet time. Being a naturally quiet person, I follow your lead on whether you want to chat or relax. 

Enjoy the famous Belavi, a natural face-lift and reflexology massage integrated into Facials.

You can ensure your on table. Not 50min, not 70min….FULL 60min, 90min, etc.(providing you arrive 10min prior to your start time)

Maintenance is key to a healthy and happy life, treating your body at least once a month, allows your body to rest, regenerate, and heal. Committed to help my clients feel better, continuing to learn and grow, providing the best care possible.